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Spider view

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Spider view

The maps or datasheets of the spider display glass are calculated on the basis of the new substructure and the structure of the retaining structure. Spider cable views are one of the most complex types of spider screens. The splitter view of the truss with a steel chassis or iron is very simple and functional. In the following, each spider glass viewer system is brought to your attention.

Cable truss system cable system spyder view

نمای اسپایدرنمای اسپایدر کابلی

The cable spindle view is also at the same level of flexibility as the high strength, and these features make it easy to install very high glass sheets. The cables are designed to be the least aesthetically insignificant.

Spider Cable Spyder View

Fingerprint system spyder view point support glass finwalls

Glass facade The fiberglass system provides a beautiful, clean view of glass sheets that are mounted or mounted on the ground or mounted on suspended surfaces and made from composite fabric fins. The fins can be horizontally and vertically mounted. The Austfix reduces the pressure caused by bending in the glass panel corners, which ultimately increases the life of the panel and, as a result, increases the life of the glass spider's glass face. .

Spiderman Glass Spider Mirror Glass Spiderman

Spiderman view of the steel frame facade truss profile

Spider glasses are directly attached to metal frames. The frames may be vertical or horizontal, they cover or not cover the roof structure, and in any case are so strong that they can withstand the weight of the glass. This system is one of the cheapest Spider views and it's easier to design than other Spider views.

Spade glass sprayer

نمای اسپایدر

نمای اسپایدر

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